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In this eBook I spill the beans on how I actually make my living from my coaching skills and business. You might be surprised to learn where my income comes from.

I'm shining the light on why what you're currently doing to build your coaching business isn't working.

I'm going to reframe how you price for your coaching services that removes any emotion or 'value proposition'.

And, I'll show you how the biggest obstacle to the success of your coaching business is actually....YOU!

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Join me in Coaching Cornerstones and learn what the business coaches and gurus aren't telling you... and how to make your coaching business work for you!    It's 100% FREE.

Rose Kirby

I’m one of those terrible freebie-whores who clicks on all the free e-book stuff off Facebook ads and the like, so I’ve read a heck of a lot of stuff about finding your idea client etc but NOTHING has come close to some of the major epiphanies I had whilst reading your lesson books - epiphany bombs literally dropping all over the place!

Coaching Cornerstones

3 powerful video and eBook lessons that distill over a decade of knowledge into just 70 minutes of groundbreaking information about how to make a living from making a difference and serve at your highest level.


Master Your Mindset

The biggest thing in your way of success is....YOU.  Learn your self-sabotage patterns and how to break them.

You'll leave feeling relieved and clear on how to get your inner game working for you, not against you.


Get Strategic

The traditional online launch model isn't working for an increasing number of coaches.

Discover how to find the right model for you, plus so much more.


Master Your Craft

Regardless of your level of training, there are some key principles you must master to get the best for your clients, and the best for your business.

It is these skills that have resulted in my negotiating amazing opportunities.

About Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton is the owner of Coach School and is an award-winning coach and entrepreneur in her own right.

Over the past 11 years, she has coached in the life, business, wellness and corporate arenas bringing life changing transformation to her clients by challenging convention and encouraging them to see things from a slightly different perspective, to have mind blowing shifts.

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