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Use the Full Client Pack to help your client enroll into coaching with you.  This pack contains a welcome letter, plus a number of questionnaires that will help get your new client thinking. The information that they will provide via the client pack will aid you in motivating and championing them on in their goals.

Remember to save a copy of this file, and not edit the template!

Use/adapt these questions to pre-qualify a prospective coaching client before you get on a clarity call or strategy session with them. This is an opportunity to find out a little more about their goals and aspirations before you meet.  You can also gauge how motivated they are to making a change with your help.

You can send these questions in an email in response to an enquiry, or add them to a form in your calendar scheduling software like Acuity.

The Pre-Session update form performs two functions: it encourages your client to reflect on their tasks/actions and progress, and also gives you an insight into where the coaching session may go. Encourage or insist that your client return this completed form to you 24hrs in advance of your next session.
You should always have an agreement in place before you begin coaching. This template is a great place to start. You can adapt it to fit your client and coaching style. Load it into your scheduler, EchoSign or Adobe for digital signature and both you and your client can relax and focus on the coaching relationship instead of expectations.

Useful Guides

Peer coaching is an important part of your Coach School experience.  Here’s a handy guide to get you started. If you have any problems finding a coaching peer, then please reach out so we can help you.
Use this script to help your prospective client identify the gap between where they are in relation to achieving their goals, and discover whether you are a great fit for coaching them to success.
This link will take you to the post in our FB group where you can download the step-by-step facilitation notes for our Rocket Ship values elicitation process.

Certification Tools

Your assessed calls will follow the International Coach Federation core competencies. In each call we are looking for evidence of the ACC level at a minimum for your coaching certification to be issued from Coach School. You can review the core competencies in this document.
It is a requirement that you keep a log of your coaching hours.  This template is provided by the International Coach Federation. Follow the link to download your copy.

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