Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Welcome to Module 12 of Coach School – Neuro Linguistic Programming


This module is very much an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, as the subject itself is very broad.  In this module you will be introduced to the 7 Frames of NLP as well as the skill of reframing your clients’ obstacles and blocks, so that they can see another way to reach their goals.  You will also be introduced to the concept of ‘chunking’ which is a great tool for your client sessions as well as conflict resolution.

Watch the training video OR listen to the audio training with the PDF
Journal for 7 days to raise your awareness
Complete the problem solving exercise
Explore your life from a Fresh Perspective
Work through the 7 Step Reframing Process
Practice chunking goals and tasks up and down
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Module Content

Download the audio file to listen on the go!

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Coaching Demos

Reflective Exercises


Spend ten minutes a day for seven days sitting in silence. Allow yourself to feel, see, smell and hear your environment. Observe your mental chatter as you are doing this. Keep a journal for the seven days, list the observations that were made.

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List all of your problems that you currently have in your life below.
Next to each problem, write what you can do write now to solve a part of the problem or fix it all together.

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Fresh Eyes

Imagine for a moment, that your role model switched lives with you. She suddenly finds herself in your body, living your life. What would she think of your life? Your work? Your cleanliness? Your health? Your environment?

Run through this exercise below discussing how your role model might view your life

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As a result of completing the above exercise, did you uncover anything that you want to change with your life?

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This method is a helpful method use to gently guide behavioural change. This NLP technique is more hypnotic than others, and as such goes to the clients unconscious mind.

Complete the following exercise for yourself below:

  1.  Identify the pattern of behavior that you want to be changed.
  2.  Establish communication with the part of you that is generating this behavior. You may want to ask yourself “Will the part of me that is generating the behavior of please communicate with me on a conscious level. (Be aware of any sensations and tingling within the body, as well as images or sounds that arise).
    After you have established communication with the part generator the behavior, ask that part if it will clarify a ‘yes’ signal for you, as well as a ‘no’ signal.
  3. Ask the part of you if it is happy to share why it is generating this behaviour with you. If the part of you answers with a ‘yes’, ask it politely to reveal the intention of the behaviour to you.
  4. Go within and creatively generate alternative solutions that may assist in satisfying the behavior. Gain feedback from the part of you that was generating the behavior that you want to change and ask that part of you if it is willing to consider any of the new behaviors.
  5. Ask the part of you if its ready to produce any of the positive behaviours created in step 4 and act on those behaviours when the intention comes up and needs to be fulfilled.
  6. Thank that part of you and ask for stillness/ silence.
  7. Go within and now check in with the other parts of yourself and see if any other part objects to this behavior. If not proceed with the proposed new behavior.

Share your thoughts and results of this 7 Step Reframe Process here:

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Think about a goal that you want to achieve, can you chunk this goal down into smaller pieces?

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Think about a single task that you want to achieve, can you chunk this task up into bigger pieces?

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You have completed the core training component of Coach School
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