Transformational Coaching

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Welcome to Module 8 of Coach School – Transformational Coaching

The Transformational Model of coaching provides a useful framework to guide performance coaching discussions in a way that open up communications and build trust. It also creates powerful commitment to mutual learning and a partnership for discovering the best steps.

This Transformational Model of coaching is a useful tool when working with teams in organisations.

Watch the video training OR listen to the audio training and download the PDF
Consider the case scenario provided and give feedback
Brainstorm what Transformation means for you
Explore what Transformation would look like in your life

Module Content

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Transformational Coaching Model

Reflective Exercises


Please read the following case scenario and answer the questions at the end.

Coach: I thought you gave a great presentation and performance today; you gave it your all and had a cheerful attitude. I also thought it was great that you shared your personal experiences at the beginning. This was good to break the ice and helped us connect and understand where you were coming from. You spoke with clarity and calmness; I really enjoyed watching your presentation and the style in which you delivered it. One tip: When you are standing up and speaking, make sure that you scan the room with your eyes. You seemed to look at only a selected few. It helps the audience to feel known and it is important that you make everyone feel as if you are talking directly to them.

Client: Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I know that I should look at everyone in the room but I was feeling so nervous. This is why I fumbled at the beginning of the performance. I still think I have a long way to go.

Coach: What will it take for you to conquer your nerves and be present with huge confidence?

Client: I suppose I could practice more. I really didn’t practice very much for this speech.

Coach: Okay, good. What else?

Client: Well… I could join a speaking group (said with a high enthusiastic pitch).

Coach: Great, I hear your enthusiasm. Is this something you want to start doing to improve your confidence and decrease your nerves?

Client: Yes, since I have been assigned with more authority at work I think it would help me with managing the departments better also.

Coach: I really can hear such enthusiasm shining through your voice, this sounds pretty important to you.

Client: Yes! I am so grateful and have worked so hard to get to this position. I would love to join a speaking group to help me better myself.

Coach: I can also hear that this is about improving yourself. That is a great personal goal to strive for also. So, whose responsibility is improving your speaking ability?

Client: Mine, of course.

Coach: And how are you going to get started and ensure that you regularly attend a speaking group?

Client: I will make the commitment by getting my partner to look after the kids that night and by making sure he supports and encourages me. And well… I suppose, could you also hold me accountable?

Coach: You betcha!

Client: Thank you.

Coach: When are you going to get started on enquiring at some local speaking clubs?

Client: I have Saturday free; I will do a Google search and phone around.

Coach: Okay so I will check in on our session on Monday to see that you found a group that you want to join?

Client: Yes, that would be great

Coach: How can I support you further in this?

Client: Being there for me is enough, and just holding me accountable for my commitment.

Coach: Okay, great. Can do!

Using the coaching session related above, please discuss whether you believe this coaching session was done well using the transformational model. Please write what techniques or stages the coach used. What did they do well, and what can they do better?

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Think about the word transformation. Brainstorm what thoughts it conjures up for you below.

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Discuss what it means to transform something.

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If transformation were to take place in your life, what would you like to change?

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How would you know that the transformation occurred?

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What might prevent transformational changes from taking place in your life?

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