Building Rapport

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Welcome to Module 3 of Coach School – Building Rapport

Strong rapport is what allows us to challenge our clients to become better versions of themselves and bust through their blocks.  In module 3 we are going to look at the components that make up rapport, and discuss how to build it quickly.  And we are also getting ready to begin coaching.
Here’s what you can expect:
  • Defining rapport and how it will determine your relationship’s success
  • Components of a successful relationship and how you can nurture the most important ones
  • Ground rules in coaching because breaking these rules? Could have major negative implications for your business
  • Learning context, style and environment so you can be most effective for your clients’ success
  • Preparing to coach and getting over the jitters that will affect your results

Complete your coursework right here on this page, below the Module Content section.

Download and read the PDF
Review your coaching forms
Create and prepare any forms that you need
Think about and plan your coaching environment
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Module Content

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Reflective Exercises


Your job is to ensure you have the correct forms for your business. This includes:

  • Coaching Agreement
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Client Details Form
  • Welcome Letter
  • Pre-session Template (For your client to complete before your first coaching session together).
  • Your first coaching session form (to guide you in your first coaching session)

1.What forms do you not have in place that you need to work on?

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Coaching Area

Your next task is to ensure you have the right space to coach in, whether this be from your home office or a clinic. Have you got the required headset? Is your environment free from distractions? Will you be using video if you coach from home? Have you got a nice backdrop so that when you coach from home you have a visually appealing view behind you. Discuss what changes (whether small or large) you need to make to feel comfortable and confident in your coaching space.

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