Advanced Coaching Techniques 1

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Welcome to Module 5 of Coach School – Advanced Coaching Techniques 1

In this module we are exploring some of the more practical aspects of coaching your clients.  We’ll be looking at ways to support your client appropriately, as well as exploring the right time to interrupt your client.

Your own confidence as a coach is important to consider, and you’ll design your own self-talk statements in this module to help you get over any pre-session jitters you might be experiencing.


Watch the video training OR listen to the audio training
Complete the 'Intuition Test' in the PDF file
Complete the 'Supporting' questions
Create your own 'Self-Talk' statements
Design and script the imaginary coaching session with Abbey
Arrange a conversation with a friend or family member where you plan to use your intuition
Answer the 'Intuition' questions
Arrange 2 more intuition conversations
Record what you learned about your intuition
Arrange a conversation where you can practice 'intruding'
Complete the 'intruding' questions
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Module Content

Download the audio file to listen on the go!

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This bonus training from one of our legacy Office Hours calls demonstrates the BE/DO/HAVE model and shows that if we can elicit the ultimate feeling that our client wishes to experience, then we can often find an easier (and values-aligned) way to support them to experiencing that feeling.

This is a very useful model for the upcoming exercise with Abbey (see Reflective Exercises below.)

Watch the video in our Facebook Group here –

How To Beat Self-Sabotage

This bonus training explains the nature of self-sabotage; what it is, why it happens, and how to get around it.  This will not only help you to understand your own behaviour patterns, but will also give you insights into some of the struggles that your clients will be facing when they come to you for coaching.

Reflective Exercises


1. Think of a time in the past where someone supported a decision you had made, what was the decision and how did this make you feel?

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1. Create your own self-talk, to help give you confidence prior to coaching your clients. As a guide use the, alerting, calming and cooling, coaching and affirming self-talk statements from this module.

List your statement below.

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Case Scenarios

1. Imagine this is a real life coaching situation with a client called Abbey. Using the information from this module and previous modules, please continue coaching her for a forty-minute coaching session commencing from the dialogue below.

When writing the coaching session with Abbey please give reasons for:

– What you are saying

– What skills you are drawing upon

– And why?

Script: Abbey: I really want to lose fifteen kilos but I just can’t seem to get anywhere with it. I lose a little bit of weight but then somehow I cannot keep to the diet and I end up failing terribly. I just can’t keep the weight off no matter how hard I try.

Coach: (You): Okay. Could you tell me why you feel you don’t get anywhere when you try?

Abbey: Well, I feel as though I am not good enough to look like the “skinny girls”. I generally start on a diet and then mess up and binge for days on end because I have lost motivation and do not have the necessary support.


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Find time to speak to someone and exercise your intuition in the conversation. Reflecting on this situation answer the following:

  • What was the situation?
  • What did your intuition say?
  • Did you find it easy or challenging to exercise your intuition in the conversation?
  • After speaking to this person, was your intuition right or wrong about what it felt? (If unknown, then please write “unknown”).

Repeat this exercise again with 2 other people (you do not need to answer the above questions for these other encounters).

  • As a result of these encounters with others, what have you learnt about your intuition?
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Have a conversation with a friend, family member or a stranger. Practice intruding when you feel it is appropriate in the conversation and explain the following:

  • What was the situation?
  • When did you feel was appropriate to intrude? Why?
  • How did the other person respond?
  • How did you feel in this process?
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