Advanced Coaching Techniques 2

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Welcome to Module 6 of Coach School – Advanced Coaching Techniques 2


Module 6 is all about CHANGE.  Our clients come to us for coaching because they want to change something, so the more we can understand the drivers that make people want to change, and actually take the action that makes that change occur, the better we can assist them.

This module will see you begin to hone some of your most powerful coaching tools – making requests, and reframing being two of them.  You will also learn about the Axes of Change model and the need for celebration with your clients.

Watch the training video OR listen to the audio training with the PDF
Complete the Embracing Change exercise
Set up 3 coaching sessions with a practice client
Summarise coaching session 1 as per the guidelines in the Reflective Exercises section
Summarise coaching session 2 as per the guidelines in the Reflective Exercises section
Summarise coaching session 3 as per the guidelines in the Reflective Exercises section
Use a metaphor to describe your life journey
Watch the meta-coaching video (link provided in reflective exercises section)
Complete the Coaching in Context questions
Explore the impact of reframing perspectives by answers the reflective exercise questions
List 5 ways you can celebrate a personal accomplishment you have made in the past week
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Module Content

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Reflective Exercises

Embracing Change

1. Think about an event, person, object, emotion or belief in your life that you decided to let go of in order to move forward in your life.

  • What did you change?
  • What did you need to let go of?
  • How did you do it?
  • How did it feel at the time?
  • How did it feel afterwards?
  • What would have made the change easier?
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Using the strategies and techniques that you have acquired from each of the modules you will be required to demonstrate your knowledge through a series of coaching sessions with a client (who is not a personal friend or family member). You will need to coach them for a minimum of 3 sessions not less than forty minutes per coaching session.

Each session should be summarized in one full page. Each summary should include:

  • Life area being discussed with the client
  • Strategies used by you the coach
  • Action plan to be implemented by the client
  • Reflection on your professional process – Including things you did well and things you could have done better.
  • Overall outcomes reached by the client at the end of the 3 sessions- what progress have they made? How do you know?

Session 1 Summary

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Session 2 Summary

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Session 3 Summary

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Our Lives Journey – A Metaphor

How would you explain your personal growth journey using a metaphor. You don’t need to give specific details of your own experiences, instead use a metaphor to detail the learning and growth that has taken place.

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Brief Strengths

  1. Go to the VIA Character website and complete the brief strengths test. It is free and you  will be sent a report of your strengths. Using this report, write a summary of your signature strengths (ie your top 3 strengths).

Website  Link:




2. How could you utilize these strengths more in creating or building your coaching business?




3. How could you use the strengths test to support your client’s personal growth?



Coaching in Context

1. Watch this video for a practical guide on the use of meta-coaching: Video Link:
2. How specifically did the coach introduce the session and prepare the client? Give 2 examples

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3. List 3 powerful questions that the coach asked the client?

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4. How did the session end – what was the outcome?

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Axes of Change

1. People will change for lots of different reasons. Using the 4 parts of the AOC Model give an example of some of the reasons for why change may be hard.


2. What are some questions you could ask as a coach to help a client overcome these reasons for not changing? What questions can you ask to help the client to reframe how they are thinking. Use the AOC model & its variables to provide your examples:

Practice Session – AOC

1. Ask a friend or family member who is having trouble accomplishing something if you can help them through the process of change. Have a thirty- minute coaching session with them using the AOC Model and explain the following:

  • What was your clients biggest challenge that they wanted changing?
  • Discuss what techniques you employed in this session
  •  Discuss how comfortable you felt in doing this
  •  Explain what discoveries you both made from this coaching session
  •  Discuss what you felt you did well in this coaching session
  •  Discuss what you may do differently next time


Reframing Perspectives

1. Think back to a time where you had a very clear perspective of yourself until someone pointed out something to you that made you shift that perspective? What was it? What changed? How did this make you feel before and after the change?

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2. Research and write below 5 powerful questions you can employ with your clients to reframe their perspectives:

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List 5 ways you can celebrate a personal accomplishment you have made in the past week

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