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Getting Strategic

Strategy is an all-encompassing term for a myriad things that you need to consider in your coaching practice.  In this video lesson I am talking specifically about what coaches trip up on most – pricing, positioning and business models.

I’ll show you how to select your ideal client, how to price your coaching to suit you, and why the launch models that you keep seeing online might not be the answer for you right now.

At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to:

  • choose the right business model for you
  • realise that just because you CAN coach anyone, doesn’t mean you should
  • identify your 90% client in a way that no-one else is showing you
  • understand what ‘positioning’ is, and how to use it to help you be profitable from the get go
  • flip the way you look at client attraction on its head


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Pricing is based on what?
How do you select your ideal client?
What is at the core of a 'Referral Rich Reputation'?

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