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Welcome to Coaching Cornerstones

Please follow the steps below to complete the process:



​Make a cuppa

The elves are busy creating your membership account and password. This takes up to 10 minutes, so grab a cuppa and a notepad and pen, and then come back to check your inbox. 


​Open the Confirmation Email

Go to the inbox of the email address you registered with. Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line “You're In” and is sent from “Lorraine Hamilton - Coach School”.  (Remember to check your Promotions or Spam folders too.)


​Log in to Coach School Academy

Click on the link inside the email and you will be taken to the student section of Coach School Academy.  Use the email address that you registered with, and the password in the email to login. 


Click the  Coaching Cornerstones   Course icon

Click on the Coaching Cornerstones icon to get instant access to the lessons (and BONUS!)

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