Coaching Quest

Write your coaching story through these 11 lessons and quests

Defining The Destination 1

Every great adventure begins with a goal in mind.


In the Lord of the Rings it was destroying the ring by entering Mordor, for the Neverending Story the goal was to find a cure for the ailing Empress. In Star Wars the journey took Luke and his band of allies across galaxies to destroy the Death Star and in Labyrinth Sarah has to solve the puzzle to reclaim her captured baby brother.


There is always a goal in mind, and that is where we begin our journey too.


We need to know where we are going, or what we are trying to achieve if we are going to be able to plot a course there. 


The trouble is that traditional goal setting advice just isn’t enough to get us there.


It’s time to take another look at goal setting, so that you can truly make a living from making a difference in your Professional Coaching Practice.

So this lesson is all about setting your lofty goals. In my corporate days we would call it a BHAG – our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.


If you look again at the stories I mentioned at the beginning of this lesson, you will see that each goal was very much entrenched in something emotional. This is important. You must be invested in your overarching goal. It’s not enough to just pick a goal out of the air that you might have seen someone else set – it needs to be important to YOU.


I often share a quote,


“Follow not in the footsteps of the masters, seek what they sought”.


When you blindly follow someone else’s goal, you are far less likely to achieve it because you are not invested at the same emotional level as the person who achieved the goal.


I’m excited to be sharing this with you at the beginning of your journey because it is so important to grasp this fact. There are many mentors and gurus available to you who are sharing their methods and practices to get to where they are now, but you might not have the same goal as them, or for the same reasons.


I realised this quite far into my career. I was easily and heavily influenced by a number of mentors and gurus, and I believed that if I just copied what they did, that I would achieve my goals.


But what I hadn’t bargained for, was that my goals were very different to theirs.


Today, some of these mentors are running 7 and 8 figure businesses, living out of a suitcase and creating their own TV shows etc. 


That’s fantastic, but it is not what I want. 


That is not what success looks like to me. 


Equally, some of those early mentors are still in my network but have quit the 7 figure business in favour of something more values-aligned.


Be aware of your overarching goal and how you fit into it.


In this first video training of the Coaching Quest Course I invite you to take a fresh look at setting goals for yourself, and others.


Check in with your Values and make sure that your goal is aligned. If not, you could derail yourself before we’ve even got out of the gate.


Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton

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Theory is great, but ACTION is so much more powerful [accessally_user_firstname] so this is where the magic happens in our adventure.

First of all, you need to uncover your own core values. What are those things that are MOST important to you? Without a strong connection to them, it will become easier to be derailed on your future Quests.  Here’s a list of example Values Words to help.

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Now we are ready to set your Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  Make it a real stretch goal, and make sure it satisfies your Core Values. Now write it down here.

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In the next quest we will be redefining success on YOUR terms. Complete this quest and then move onto the next one.


This is the first in a series of 11 lessons and quests to build your best year in your Professional Coaching Practice. Over the course of these lessons you will explore:

Defining the Destination (you have just completed the first of two lessons)

Understanding the Territory (2 lessons)

Tools and Supplies (1 lesson)

Pitfalls to Avoid (1 lesson)

A Helping Hand (2 lessons)

Staking Your Claim (1 lesson)

Keep On Keeping On (1 lesson)

Where To From Here? (1 lesson)

Your next Quest awaits...

Let's Go!