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Staking Your Claim

At some point in our favourite adventure stories, our heroes begin to accept their role in the solution. The Jedi, the Warrior, the Chosen One. However the author describes them, they begin to believe in themselves, and what they can offer.


As coaches we need to do that too. Often, the temptation is to stay in the shadows, after all we are following this path to help others, not to shine the spotlight on ourselves. But without staking our claim, how will anyone ever know what it is we stand for?


We need to discover how to stand out in a way that feels good to us.


There are 3 steps to this process that I have been using with coaches for years, and they are the same three steps that I used to become noticed when I was raising my profile.


Step 1:

Find something that you really care about and want to see change


Step 2:

Write a short paragraph that outlines your manifesto on the subject


Step 3:

Share your point of view and start a conversation



  • Revisit your WHY. Why are you in the field that you are in? What change do you want to see? (Hint: there are clues in your answers to Quest 6)
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  • What makes you angry in your industry? What would you like to see change? Write a paragraph that you can use for your ‘soap box moment’
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  • Where can you safely share your point of view and start a conversation?


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Lorraine Hamilton

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In the next lesson we’ll look at what it really takes to make it. You’ll build resilience and dig in for the long haul.

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This is the ninth in a series of 11 lessons and quests to create your best year in your Professional Coaching Practice . Over the course of these lessons you will explore:

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Tools and Supplies (COMPLETE)

Pitfalls to Avoid (COMPLETE)

A Helping Hand (COMPLETE)

Staking Your Claim (YOU ARE HERE)

Keep On Keeping On (1 lesson)

Where To From Here? (1 lesson)

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