Coaching Quest

Write your coaching story through these 11 lessons and quests

Understanding The Territory 1


Now that we have our destination or goal in mind, let’s get to know the territory that we will be crossing in order to get there. The more we can understand about our market and clients, coupled with what’s most important to us, the easier the travelling becomes.

Coaching is still sold most effectively and efficiently by word of mouth.  That means that the quicker you can build a reputation as an amazing and Professional Coach, the faster your business will grow.

The short (~10 min) training below introduces a key concept that will help you to get the most from your coaching offers…

If you are a coach who is focused on their 1:1 clients right now, but feeling pressured to build a list and sell low ticket products and programs because it is what all the ‘gurus’ are telling you to, then I invite you to watch the training below.

In 2015 I was feeling the pressure to do all…the…things and it just didn’t feel right to me.  I had gone from being a great coach, to a sub-par online marketer.  If that is something that you can relate to, then this is well worth 45 minutes of your time today.


Are you ready to create your offer [accessally_user_firstname]?

Using what you gleaned from the videos, outline your main and premium offer.  What will it consist of and who is it for?

Click here to enter the details of your offer

What is the price for this offer?  (Hint: Remember pricing is a positioning tool. When you think about who you most want to work with, what price will make them confident that this is a valuable offering?)

Click here to enter the price of your main offer

What will be your Downsell Offer?  What will you be able to invite clients into if they can’t meet you in your main offer?

Click here to enter details of your Downsell

What will the price of this offer be?

Click here to enter your Downsell Price

This is one of the trickiest parts of getting started as a coach for many, so stick with it.  Your first offer will likely not be your last offer, but getting something is a start. From here you can test and tweak it.


Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton

Coach, Coach Trainer & Mentor

Lorraine Hamilton’s clients call her their secret weapon. She is dedicated to helping others make a living from making a difference through her coaching, mentoring and certification programs.

Side-by-Side Coaching

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In the next quest we will be looking at my typical week in my business. You will shape what your week will look like for where you are in your business currently. Complete this quest and then move onto the next one.


This is the third in a series of 11 lessons and quests to have your best year ever in your Professional Coaching Practice. Over the course of these lessons you will explore:

Defining the Destination (COMPLETE)

Understanding the Territory (you have just completed the first of two lessons)

Tools and Supplies (1 lesson)

Pitfalls to Avoid (1 lesson)

A Helping Hand (2 lessons)

Staking Your Claim (1 lesson)

Keep On Keeping On (1 lesson)

Where To From Here? (1 lesson)

Your next Quest awaits...

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