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Understanding The Territory 2


I remember when I first began my coaching career; I was fresh out of my coach training and sitting on the patio at my home – at that time in Scotland – with my husband mapping out how to make money from my new skills.

It was simple – all I needed was 40 sessions a week right? If I had 40 sessions at X rate (I honestly can’t remember what the number was right now, but it was low, very, very low!) then I would be making a great living doing something that I loved.

What had I missed from this equation?….

Let me start you off!

I had missed the fact that I had to do everything in my business myself. Having been used to a corporate career, I had no concept of the level of administration involved in running my own coaching practice. I hadn’t taken into account any marketing time (because to be honest, I kinda hoped that if I ignored that part, it might just go away ) or networking, planning, reporting, creating, learning, anything!

Oh and I had 2 under 2’s at the time that I was going to create all this around!

Very naive!

Looking back on that day, I have a bit of a wry smile at just how fresh and green I actually was then.

Here’s what my typical week looks like now – the two under 2’s are now nearly at high school, but I still work nowhere near 40 hours!

Mondays are non-client facing days. They are reserved for admin, creation, catching up and sometimes they are just for watching TV and catching up on housework. True story!

Tuesdays I do see clients and will have from zero to 5 client sessions on a Tuesday.  I also teach in one of my Coach Certification Programs.  The rest of the time is used to connect with new people, enroll new clients and do target market interviews.

Wednesday is usually my heaviest client facing day, and every other week I run two Office Hours calls for Coach School. I also have an evening meeting with my assistant on Wednesday as she is based on the other side of the world from me.

Thursday is a split between clients and my learning/development day. This is when I catch up on coursework and complete any homework from my own coaches. 

Friday I run Practice Sessions for my students, and I catch up with my coach and continue with creating any new products (like this one). It’s a great day for planning and mapping out my week ahead. My mastermind calls are generally on a Friday, so ensuring I have space here means that I don’t miss out.

You may have noticed that there is little mention of admin, bookkeeping or social media. That is because these were the first things that I outsourced to my assistant. That means I don’t have to do them – joy!

There is plenty of space inbetween these tasks to be a guest on podcasts, or make pitches to media outlets and follow up.

It doesn’t look at all like my 40 sessions a week, does it?


Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton

Coach, Coach Trainer & Mentor

Lorraine Hamilton’s clients call her their secret weapon. She is dedicated to helping others make a living from making a difference through her coaching, mentoring and certification programs.

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Create your typical week [accessally_user_firstname].  Start with the non-negotiables like money-making tasks, client delivery and networking.  Then add in the other activities that you need to have in your business.  Your week might not look at all like mine, and that’s fine, we’re just trying to get a clearer picture of how you will actually be spending your time rather than how you might think it looks right now.  This will evolve as your business grows.

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In the next lesson we will be looking at the tools, supplies and resources you need on your adventure right now. You will select what you really need based on your business model from the first Understanding the Territory lesson.

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This is the fourth in a series of 11 lessons and quests to help you have your best year ever in your Professional Coaching Practice. Over the course of these lessons you will explore:

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Understanding the Territory (you have just completed lesson 2 of 2)

Tools and Supplies (1 lesson)

Pitfalls to Avoid (1 lesson)

A Helping Hand (2 lessons)

Staking Your Claim (1 lesson)

Keep On Keeping On (1 lesson)

Where To From Here? (1 lesson)

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