Coaching Quest

Write your coaching story through these 11 lessons and quests

Where To From Here?


Do you ever wonder what happens to our heroes once the story ends?…


The ending is usually the celebration scene right?



So first we need to…..





Massive congratulations in getting all the way through your Quests and Quizzes in this series.


There has been a lot of work involved and you WILL reap the rewards of completing it….because so many don’t.


You are already a high achiever just by getting to the end.


Did you know that around 90% of people who begin an online course don’t complete it?


You’re in the Top 10!


Well done.


You are just the type of person that I love to work with because you are going to get results! Remember way back in the Strategy lesson when we talked about knowing who your BEST clients are? Well, MY best clients are people who commit to their goals and achievements, and who finish things.


You have come a long way in your Coaching Quest from laying your Coaching Cornerstones all the way through to this point. Let’s take a moment to look back.


You began by Mastering Your Mindset and learning about your patterns of self-sabotage.

Next we looked at your Strategy so you could begin building your Referral Rich Reputation.

And then it was onto the Skills portion of your coaching, learning a couple of the key skills required to really Master Your Craft.

That qualified you to release the Coaching Quest series, and we have been on our journey together ever since.

You began by Defining Your Destination.

Then we needed to Understand the Territory.

You packed your necessary Tools & Supplies.

And you became aware of the Potential Pitfalls that lay before you.

You selected some Helping Hands to share the burden along the way.

And you really owned your role in this Quest by Staking Your Claim and becoming part of the conversation.

You are prepared for the cruise phase and are ready to Keep On Keeping On.

Until we are now here are Where To Next?


I have put as much as I can into these two series to ensure that you have the best possible start in your Coaching Practice. I genuinely want you to succeed and if you put everything you have learned into action then you will be well on your way.


I recognise though, through my own experience and working with hundreds of coaches and clients over the years, that someone such as yourself benefits from implementation assistance, accountability and recognition along the way.


In fact, it is why I changed Coach School from being a class based certification to a mentorship with an unprecedented amount of 1:1 assistance from me.



My coaching and mentoring programs are designed to get results, and my ICF accredited Coach Certification Program results in masterful AND successful coaches who are proud to make a living from making a difference.



I know that you have a very specific set of requirements to keep going, because you tend to suffer far more with Imposter Syndrome and guilt, as well as a few other specific traits that make you special, in such an amazing way.



You are more than capable of doing this on your own, but you benefit from steering, guidance and challenge to set those goals just a little bit higher, right?


Your completion of this series qualifies you to a free no-obligation chat where I can celebrate your success with you, and also discuss your next steps; either with me, or not.


I’d love to meet you, [accessally_user_firstname], let’s get together and map out your wildly successful coaching career now.




Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton

Coach, Coach Trainer & Mentor

Lorraine Hamilton’s clients call her their secret weapon. She is dedicated to helping others make a living from making a difference through her coaching, mentoring and certification programs.

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