Coaching Skills Diploma

Module 2: Values

At the end of this module you will:

  • What values are and why they are important 
  • Be able to discover what your clients’ values are
  • Understand what is most important to your client, even if they don’t know!
  • No longer feel that it’s your fault that clients are not achieving their goals


Module Objectives and Progress

Watch Video 1
Watch Video 2
Complete Values Elicitation Activity on yourself
Complete Values Elicitation Activity on a test client
Answer the reflective questions




The most common problem my clients have when they come to my practice is that they are setting the WRONG GOALS. And they have no idea that they are doing it. When we set the wrong goals, guess what?  It’s very difficult to reach them.

What I am going to teach you in the module is going to change the way you and your clients work forever!




Watch the video below:


1. Identify 4 people that have shaped your life in a significant way and how they did this.
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2. Describe in your own words what values are and how they develop in your personal life.
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Download the ACTIVITY WORKSHEET and complete it before continuing with the questions below:

3. Using the above information, which area would you consider to be your highest value? Explain why this is.
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4. How do your values show up in your life? For example, if you value education, it is likely you will be engaged in study regularly.
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5. Think back to two past decisions or choices you have made. How did your values show up, or not show up?
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6. Take a moment to reflect on the exercises you have just completed. List any discoveries you have had about yourself after completing the exercise.
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7. How would knowing what your clients' or team members' values are be helpful for you to help them reach their potential?
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Now that you have watched the video and completed your own Values Reflection it’s time to get out and practice.


This week find a client or test subject to run through the Values activity.


Share your insights in the Facebook Group and/or bring them to the next live Q&A call.


Revisit the goals that you have for this course. How do your values fit with your goals?
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Do you need to change your goals to better reflect your values?
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In Module 3 we are looking at the Core Skills of Coaching including the Art of Masterful Goal Setting and Powerful Questioning:

You’ll learn:

  • Why most people set the wrong goals
  • That the person or system with the most flexibility will control the system
  • Different question types and what to use when, and why

And you’ll begin to:

  • Feel a sense of calm and control over client sessions that result in forward movement towards success

Module 3 will be available on 28th June

Module 2: Values

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