Coaching Skills Diploma

Module 3: Coaching Skills 1 - The Foundations

At the end of this module you will:

  • Why most people set the wrong goals
  • That the person or system with the most flexibility will control the system
  • Different question types and what to use when, and why

And you’ll begin to:

  • Feel a sense of calm and control over client sessions that result in forward movement towards success


Module Objectives and Progress

Watch Intro Video
Watch Video One
Complete Module 3.1 activities
Watch Video Two
Complete Module 3.2 activities
Watch Video Three
Complete Module 3.3 activities
Watch Example Coaching Session
Answer reflective questions about example coaching session


There are 3 key areas that we are going to look at in this module which will set you up to have a solid foundation in your coaching conversations.

  1. Outcome Thinking + Behavioural Flexibility
  2. The Art of Masterful Goal Setting
  3. Asking the Right Questions

Ready to dive in?

What is a powerful visual tool for you to use to help you stay in the curiosity mindset of outcome thinking and behavioural flexibility?
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Consider your goal that you set in the pre-work for this course. Apply the principles of masterful goal setting to your goal. What are your Sprints, Milestones and Tasks?
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Review your client process. Where can you add the Values and Goal Setting activities?
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Begin your Question Bank. Start to create some open and probing questions that you can use with your clients. What are some of the questions that you will have in your question bank?
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How do you feel about asking questions? Are you encouraged to ask questions, or have you been discouraged by your culture? What is YOUR story about being inquisitive and curious?
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Watch this example coaching session and answer the questions below it

What are your initial thoughts about the session? What did you notice?
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What do you think was most effective?
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What might you have done differently?
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How did the coach demonstrate Outcome Thinking and Behavioural Flexibility?
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How did the coach demonstrate goal setting?
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What did you notice about the questions that the coach asked?
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In the next module we will be continuing to develop your coaching skills with some ‘unseen’ coaching magic.

You’ll learn:

  • That resistance is just a sign of lack of rapport
  • How to create an environment for powerful personal discovery
  • How to use silence to induce deeper discovery

And you’ll have moved from:

  • feeling like you have to have all the answers, to trusting that the right outcome will present itself
  • resisting the resistance in some clients, to embracing it and turning them into your greatest advocates


Module 4 will be available on 5th July

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Module 3 - Coaching Skills 1 The Foundations

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