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Welcome To The Coaching Skills Diploma [accessally_user_firstname]

I am so excited to be guiding you through these skills and exercises. If you need admin or technical help throughout the course of the Coaching Skills Diploma, please email Nicola at in the first instance.

Module Objectives and Progress

When you watch a video, answer questions or download a worksheet or guide, add the check to see your progress in each module.  I’ll be checking in on your progress from time to time so make sure to keep these progress bars up to date.

Watch Watch This First Video
Watch 5 Ways A Coach Helps You Succeed Video
Complete Pre-Work Workbook

Watch This First

Now that you have watched the video, take a few minutes to consider the following:  (the notes you add are private to you, but if you’d like to share them in the Facebook Group, please feel free to do that.)

What impact (good or bad) do you think taking a coaching approach in your current business would have?
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Which of these 5 things are you currently doing?
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Which of these 5 things are you not currently doing, or could do better?
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Once you’re done with these questions, move onto the Pre-Course Worksheet and share your Goals, Expectations & Challenges in the Student Community.  I’ll see you in there!

Worksheet Download


Over the course of the Coaching Skills Diploma you will be encouraged to practice your new skills.  Use this worksheet to begin to identify your strengths and challenges.  This will help you to be both a great coach and client.

Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton

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In the next module we will be looking at the History of Coaching as well as making sure you are coaching safely.

You’ll learn:

  • When it is appropriate to coach and when to refer to an expert or therapist
  • What coaching is and what it is not

And you’ll begin to:

  • Feel confident about embarking on deeper questioning of clients to remove their blocks and obstacles to success


Module 1 will be available 7 days after this module was released.

Module 0 - Pre Work

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