Fat Rabbits & Fireworks


How to Find Your Ideal Clients, and the Language that magnetically attracts them to you

It’s a whole course within a course!

6 modules of video content that will coach you to a deeper level about your ideal clients, and the language to use to do the heavy lifting of attraction work for you.

At the end of the 6 modules you will have created a word bank that you can withdraw from over and over again for your marketing materials and networking pitches.

Ready to get started?…

Watch Busting Myths vides
Watch What Is It That You Do video
Watch Green Lights & Red Flags video
Complete Green Lights & Red Flags worksheet
Watch Identifying A Need video
Watch the Empathy Map video
Watch Bringing It All Together video
Are you stuck with any of the concepts in this module? Ask a question and Lorraine will respond. The best way to make the most of this feature is to share the overarching goal that you are working towards with the course as well as the the challenge that you are facing. (Please be aware that Lorraine cannot see the answers that you have already stored in your module page - they are private to you.)
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Busting Myths


Were you challenged by any of the myths? Write any thoughts or insights here.
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The Secret To Getting The Best From This Course

"What Is It That You Do?"

What is the far reaching impact of your work?
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Green Lights & Red Flags

Who are the BEST clients for your business?
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Identifying A Need

Where is your work most needed? Record your thoughts here
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The Empathy Map

What pain and pleasure statements will you create empathy maps for? Write them here
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Bringing It All Together

What are some of your fireworks words? List them here so you can come back to them
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