Talking About Your Business

Congratulations! Everything you have done so far has led you to this point.

This is where the rubber really hits the road.

In this final chapter of Above the Noise you will find a number of step-by-step processes and fill-in-the-blanks templates that will help you to talk about your business powerfully both online and offline.

Check off your progress as you work through the module

Download the Mining For Gold Playbook
Craft your shoutout for target market interviews
Schedule your interviews
Carry out your interviews
Review your responses
Create your offer
Download the Ten Second Intro Worksheet
Create your Ten Second Intro
Download the Killer Elevator Pitch worksheet
Create your Killer Elevator Pitch
Download the Breathtaking Bio worksheet
Create your Breathtaking Bio
Add your bio to your About Page and Social Media profiles
Listen to the Asking For The Sale audio training
Download the Simple Sales Page template
Use the work you have completed in Above the Noise to complete the Simple Sales Page template
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Mining For Gold

We can use the information and exercises that you have already completed to get a great sense of who your ideal client is, and what they most need help with, but there is no substitute for actually getting out there and speaking to them. Mining For Gold walks you step-by-step through my target market interview process, from writing a compelling call out for interviewees right through to following them up after you have completed the interview process. And the best part?  Every single time I use this process, I enroll premium clients.

Download the Mining For Gold Playbook for everything you need.

Based on the outcomes of your target market interviews, what will your offer be?
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Talking About Your Business

This is often the part of business that we want to avoid, but there is no getting away from it, if you want to be successful then you are going to have to talk about what you do in a way that makes people interested to learn more, and to hire you.

Fortunately you have 3 handy fill-in-the-blanks templates to help you do just that!

Note your Ten Second Intro here
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What is your Love/Hate/Create statement?
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Write your Breathtaking Bio here
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Asking For The Sale

There’s no getting away from it, it takes a certain type of person to be able to make a sale… or does it?

You have everything you need to be able to make a compelling offer to your ideal clients, but even then it can send us into a tailspin. That’s why I have recorded this short audio track for you, to reframe how you see the transaction of enrolling clients into your business.

Plus, for your online presence, or marketing materials there is also this handy fill-in-the-blanks template that draws from everything you have already done.  Simple Sales Page Template

You are ready to open the doors to your business and be heard Above The Noise.

How do you feel about Asking for the Sale now? Note key insights from listening to the audio training
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Need More Help?

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Congratulations! You are ready to be heard Above The Noise!