Module Two - Values



Set The Scene:

Welcome your client and thank them for being with you today.

Ask if there is anything pressing that they need to discuss before you get into the session content.


Ask the client to reflect on their journalling homework for a FEW minutes. Keep them on track and ask them to share what they learnt about themselves. It is important to not let this get out of control or you will run out of time for the Session Two content.


Session Two is all about Values. Values are one of my very favourite topics and I find that if I don’t know what my clients’ values are, I am essentially ‘driving blind’ as their coach.


First of all, watch this video training on what Values are.


There are lots of different ways to help your client uncover their values, and in this program I am sharing one simple tool to use.

Download the ACTIVITY WORKSHEET and complete it before continuing with the questions below:

3. Using the above information, which area would you consider to be your highest value? Explain why this is.
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4. How do your values show up in your life? For example, if you value education, it is likely you will be engaged in study regularly.
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5. Think back to two past decisions or choices you have made. How did your values show up, or not show up?
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6. Take a moment to reflect on the exercises you have just completed. List any discoveries you have had about yourself after completing the exercise.
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7. How would knowing what your clients' or team members' values are be helpful for you to help them reach their potential?
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Now that you have watched the video and completed your own Values Reflection it’s time to get out and practice.

This week find a client or test subject to run through the Values activity.




– To get past the conscious values that your client has been brought up with

– To give you both insight into what is most important to your client right now

– To allow your client to discover for themselves what their motivators are



– don’t hurry the process. It can be challenging for your client to come up with people that have shaped their life. Sometimes these will be positive shapings and other times they will be challenging for your client to revisit. Hold an empowering and safe space for them to do this work.

– stay in the space as your client completes their activities. Do not be tempted to ‘leave them to it’. Sit quietly and patiently and be there for them in case they need to ask you a question.

– always be encouraging



– the values exercise is often very enlightening for clients and once again a journal prompt to help them to reflect on what they have learned is sufficient for this session’s homework:

What did you learn about yourself today?

How do your values sit with what you want to achieve through the coaching process?


In our next session we will begin to set values- aligned goals that you will be working on for the rest of our coaching sessions and this reflection will aid in ensuring we are working on the right things.


What did you get from this module? What can you take into your coaching practice now?
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In the next module you will learn my 5 Step process to ensure that your client is setting the right goals to work on with you during your coaching relationship.

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