Module Three - The Art Of Masterful Goal Setting


Set the Scene:

Welcome your client and thank them for being with you today.

Ask if there is anything pressing that they need to discuss before you get into the session content.

Ask the client to reflect on their journalling homework for a FEW minutes. Keep them on track and ask them to share what they learnt about themselves. It is important to not let this get out of control or you will run out of time for the Session Three content.

Session Three is all about setting values aligned goals for you to work on during the course of your coaching relationship.

Watch this training video on my Art of Masterful Goal Setting

Use the template provided to walk your client through setting their own Masterful goals.





– To give you as the coach a full picture of what the client wants to achieve and why. It is your role as coach to ensure that the actions that the client is taking are contributing to the bigger picture

– To create a step-by-step plan towards success

– To allow the client to see how much they are putting into their goal and why

– To give both client and coach a resource to review when times are tough, and get back on track



Client selects the first tasks towards success (These tasks may be to research how to do something, or to find other resources. They must be achievable though.)



– Make sure that the tasks are small enough that the client can get on with them without having to think too hard

– check in and make sure that your client can realistically achieve what they have put on their task list. (At this stage it is common for clients to get excited about getting on with their goals and the last thing we want for them is to set an unrealistic target for the week and not succeed.)



What did you get from this module? What can you take into your coaching practice now?
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