Module Four And Onwards - SWITCH


From here on your coaching sessions will be much more client-led, however they will still follow a structure.
Watch the SWITCH training below to learn the system that I use for all of my coaching conversations and why.

Use the template provided to have SWITCH coaching conversations in every session.


The SWITCH System gives you a framework for all of your coaching sessions as your client works through their goals with you.  At times your sessions will be very straightforward, but at other times, you may need to use your coaching skills and techniques to break down barriers and blocks to your client’s progress.  (For more information about coaching skills training visit

In the next module we will look at what to do when your client is approaching the end of their block of coaching sessions.

What did you get from this module? What can you take into your coaching practice now?
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You are just about there!  Now you have everything you need to start and continue your coaching relationship with clients.

You can get them started straightaway with some exercises to reflect and learn about themselves, and you can describe that during the first 3 coaching sessions they will learn about their strengths, motivators and vision for the future.  You even have a framework for ongoing coaching sessions.

But what do you do once you have completed a coaching package?

Click through to the final module in this course to find out!

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Lorraine Hamilton

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Module 5 - What To Do At The End Of A Coaching Block

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